Medieval Festival


July 8-9, 2017

Kimberley, B.C.

Kimberley City Bakery Medieval Festival

Kimberley has a lot of things that it is known  for - being The Bavarian City of the Rockies, the best bakery around, the occasional Viking dropping by, and being a place where families can come together to relax, spend time together, and create bonds and memories that will last a lifetime.

At The Kimberley City Bakery, we like to help make these memories, whether it is with a delicious croissant, or something that brings people together. The last two years, we have experimented with a Medieval Festival. We have brought together Vikings, Knights, locals, and tourists to share some of the finer moments in life and learn about the past to create connections that will last into the future.

For Canada’s 150th birthday, we would like to bring this festival back again. Vikings are a huge part of Canada’s history - Gimli, Manitoba celebrates the Vikings arrival in Winnipeg every year, and Newfoundland still has old Viking settlements from when Vikings arrived in Canada. We will be inviting The Sons of Fenrir back this year to offer a live Viking village, battle re-enactments, and to educate and entertain the public about this part of Canada’s past.

We will also be bringing back the NCCF knights to show off knight fighting, as well as a Medieval Village. Many people are coming to Kimberley - the Bavarian City of the Rockies, without knowing about the links to Europe. A Medieval Village with knights, lords, ladies, and entertainers will help you learn about links to our past here in Kimberley as well as an important part of the past on which Canada was founded.

We are very proud of the historical accuracy which our Vikings and Knights use to recreate the past and educate and entertain the public, and hope to make this year our biggest and best year yet to help celebrate and learn about our past and celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday.

This will be a free festival (donations appreciated!) open to all the public, so we welcome everyone to attend, learn something new, meet new friends, create new memories, and enjoy one of the best weekends of the summer right here in Kimberley, BC. 

We also hope to see you here. Kimberley is truly a most beautiful spot in the world.

Thank you,

Eric and Michelle


OUR GUESTS of 2017

The Bakery Family
The host Family.

Festival King & Queen

The owners of the Bakery host this great festival, and welcome you to this great land!

Sons of Fenrir

The main act of the festival.

The Sons of Fenrir are Viking re-enactors who herald from Calgary, Alberta.

Munnin's Saga

Welcome to our newest Viking group this year, Munnin's Saga from Edmonton to join our Viking Village.

Dragons Own


Dragons Own are a group of medieval entertainers from Calgary, Alberta, who are pleased to be joining our lineup this year in the Medieval Village.


The Úlfhéðnar (pronounced oolf-heth-nar) are a group of historical reenactors, portraying life of a roving Viking warband during the 9th to 10th centuries and are based in Kelowna, BC. We are happy to have them back to join our Viking Village this year!


The Barbarian

Not to be messed with! Sculls and bones line his domain.


A group dedicated to holding traditional knightly tournaments and promoting the sport of Full Contact Medieval Combat in Canada.








SPONSORS of 2017

GoFund Me

Kimberly City Bakery


102.9 The Drive

The Columbian Basin Trust

Kootenay Savings

B&B Glass

Spirit Rock


Great Canadian Dollar Store

Snowdrift Cafe

Bean Tree Cafe


Togs & Toys

Signal Collision

Kinbari Sushi

Bavarian Home Hardware

Re/max Caldwell Agencies

Yodelling Woodcarver


La Lune de Chocolat
Candy Shoppe



Western Financial Group


 Kootenay Meadows



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Kimberly Chamber of Commerce

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