Medieval Festival


  • Festival King & Queen

  • The owners of the Bakery host this great festival, and welcome you to this great land!



  • Sons of Fenrir

  • The main act of the festival. The Sons of Fenrir are Viking re-enactors who herald from Calgary, Alberta. The Majority of our group represent Norse, Icelandic and Anglo-Dane peoples.


  • Úlfhéðnar - Okanagan

  • The Úlfhéðnar are a group of reenactors who portray the life of a roving Norse war band during the 9th to 10th centuries. The Úlfhéðnar (pronounced oolf-heth-nar), are a Viking living history group based in Kelowna, British Columbia.



  • The Barbarian

  • Not to be messed with! Sculls and bones line his domain.



  • Gilded Swans

  • A travelling 10th century trading company from Kiev. We are warriors and merchants, craftsmen and artists. Come have fun with us in our exploration of the culture and history of the people known as the Kievan Rus. As the Rus were known to travel far and wide, we welcome Norsemen, Dacians, Slavs, Greeks, Mongols, Icelanders, Britons, Saxons, Franks, Khazars, Magyars, Varangians or anyone who wants to portray a Viking era culture that the Gilded Swan would have had contact with in the 10th century


  • NCCF

  • A group dedicated to holding traditional knightly tournaments and promoting the sport of Full Contact Medieval Combat in Canada.


  • The Merrie Minstrel Finkleman

  • Minstrel Finkleman has written, recorded, composed hundreds of songs, musicals, poems, songbooks and parodies. Preformed at well over Five Hundred schools! Now he ventures to our Medieval Festival!



  • Cantus Firmus

  • New Vancouver based vocal ensemble specializing in Gregorian Chant and early polyphony.

SPONSORS of 2016


  • Kimberley City Bakery Medieval Festival is a FREE festival. Without sponsors like you, it can not happen. Whether it's $5 or more, every little bit helps. Thank you!


  • designs, manufactures, distributes, installs, and services electrical systems and equipment for use in a variety of industries.


  • Spirit Rock Climbing Center is an exciting, new community-oriented climbing gym located on the Platzl.


  • With offices in Cranbrook, Fernie, Kimberley, and now Invermere, British Columbia.


  • part of the largest insurance brokerage in Western Canada


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