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One Man Food Truck Bakery Revolution

I'm sure the bakers who pioneered before us never thought of putting a bakery on wheels and bake from scratch.  I know I never thought of that when I started in the trade many many years ago.   But look at us now!  A fully functional bakery on wheels.  You do not need (spelled need, not knead) fancy machines.  A mixer, oven,  and a good imagination. Using raw ingredients, we have pioneered forward with the crazy idea and have brought it to Calgary, Alberta.  

A few bumps in the road thus far.  Covid19 and a world wide pandemic, paperwork, and literally starting from scratch.  We have over come, and are on our way down the road to success.  First up this year, croissants.  In particular, PRETZEL CROISSANTS!   Now that I have you salivating, I will leave you with that and let you dream of all the delicious bakery items you remember.


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