Food Truck Menu


Our Menu

(or lack there of)

Do we have a menu? Simply put, "yes and No". Yes we technically have one on our MENU BOARD when we reach a site.  No, as we change it depending on the site, clientele, season, weather, what was available in store.

As a baker with over 800 menu items to choose from, and only a 24 foot truck to sell them from, this "ONE MAN FOOD TRUCK BAKERY REVOLUTION" owner, tries to change it up often.  I like to showcase what we can do.  Also realizing that peoples tastes change (quickly).  Last month for example, pizza by the slice was all the rage.  This month it is our quantum pretzel with cheesy beer sauce (pretzel has a cup holder too!).  Next month? 

What we try to have on the truck is this: 

SWEETS: (donuts, cheesecake parfaits, chocolates)

ENTRE: a bread (or type of bun/pretzel)

DRINKS (real fruit slushes in the summer, along with our affagatos)

COFFEE in the cooler months/days.

For some, this is NOT what a menu is.  You would like it spelled out exactly.  Unfortunately, this is not the case for us.  If you come to our truck, ask either my daughter (or son) to describe our menu items to you, or (if time allows), we will pull out the trusty iPhone and show you a slide show.

Until then, here is a sample of SOME of the items we have had on the truck this year. 

We hope you understand, and come often to our little truck to see what NEW creations we have!


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