Medieval Festival 2015-2018

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Reflections on The Kimberley Medieval Festival 2015-2018

In 2015, on a whim, we invited the Sons of Fenrir group of Vikings, The Barbarian, and a handful of vendors to help us throw a festival in order to thank our customers for their support and loyalty. 10,000 showed up to help us celebrate, and it became an instant success. 

Since that time, we have put on 3 more festivals, all bringing in around 10,000 people, brought in 2 more Viking groups, several groups of knights, hosted KSPS TV, and created something that people talk about at festivals around Western Canada and beyond. 

In our business and personal lives, things have been busy as well. Among other awards, we received the prestigious Jake the Baker Award for best bakery in Canada in 2017, Michelle released her first book, Viking Lullaby, recorded the song which is available on  iTunes and other streaming devices,  and we added another little Viking to our clan in December 2018. With so many other things, and our growing family, and the growing popularity of The Medieval Festival, we decided it was time to pass on the reigns to someone who could devote more time and energy to the festival and build on what we had created. 

The Ravenstone project has taken over the festival, and is working to build a historically accurate year round Viking Village in addition to the Kimberley Viking Festival, their new name for the Kimberley Medieval Festival, which they have taken over. With a plan to continue offering a family friendly Viking Festival, as everyone has come to enjoy, we are looking forward to seeing what they can do with the festival, and where their leadership will take it. 

If you are interested in contacting the new coordinators of The Kimberley Viking Festival to express interest in The Ravenstone Project (for the Viking Village) or The Kimberley Viking Festival, check out their website here or their Facebook page here or purchase Viking Lullaby at The Bakery or online here and download the song off of your favourite streaming device, or buy it online here.

Thank you for all your support of the festival, and we hope that you and your friends and family continue to enjoy it for years to come! 

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