Private Events


Thank you for inquiring about our private events.

We are able to offer our services for private events, and have the capability to create menus that are specific for your needs. For this reason, we do not provide menus to choose from. We are able to provide meals or snacks, and some of our menus have included pizza by the slice, German pretzels and Bavarian treats, hand held pies, or pie by the slice, and so much more. If it can be baked in an oven, then we are happy to discuss how our bakery truck can fit your needs.

For our customers we offer 4 different options. We have a minimum amount to attend events, which will be discussed and agreed upon before the event, and it can be structured in the following different ways. Please read these and see which will best suit your needs:

  1. Option 1: "Park Place"
  2. Fully catered events are generally for private events, not open to the public. For our fully catered events, you will provide us with an estimated number of attendees, and we will work with you to create a menu catered to your event. We will cater your event, and serve your guests, taking care of the food for your event. Price will be negotiated beforehand.

  3. Option 2: "New York Ave"
  4. These catered events are generally for business events. The client offers ticket vouchers for their guests to have meals or snacks without the guests paying for them. This can be either open amounts, where we keep track of the amount spent per ticket, and invoice at the end of the event, or there can be a set price amount per ticket. At the end of the event, we will calculate the total amount owing. If the total amount that has been consumed by the guests is more than our event minimum, then the total consumed is the amount paid. If the total is less than our event minimum, then the event minimum is the amount invoiced for the event.

  5. Option 3: "Kentucky Ave"
  6. For events open to the public, the client does not pay for the guests’ meals. In this case, each guest who is interested in purchasing food, purchases directly from us. As long as sales exceed the minimum agreed upon amount, there is no invoice. If the sales are less than the minimum, the client is invoiced for the difference. This is usual for events open to the public, where the public would expect to pay for their own food, such as sporting events, fairs, or community gatherings.

  7. Option 4: "Community Chest"
  8. The last option combines the previous two scenarios. The client pre-purchases a set number of tickets for specific guests, but also allows others at the event to purchase food from the truck. This option is used for events that are open to the public, but where the organizers have special guests that they want to have taken care of. This allows VIP guests to have their food covered by the event coordinators, but also allows the public to purchase food from the truck as well. Both amounts in this case are added together in order to reach the minimum. If the two amounts together exceed the minimum, nothing is charged over the amount spent. If it is less, an invoice will be created to charge the difference to reach the minimum agreed upon amount.

Once you have decided which scenario works best for your event, please fill out the attached "CONTACT US" form below so that we can work towards helping you make your event unforgettable!

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